The Damages to Homes Caused by Cold Weather, Snow, and Ice

The cold or winter season always poses risks and causes damages to many homes whether on the actually property or on the health of the household members. The extreme cold temperature is the main factor for the damages happening in homes.

Possible Cause of Frostbite and Hypothermia

The cold weather can bring hazard to the health of members in the household. Two of the very common conditions that an individual can possibly experience are frostbite and hypothermia.

A prolonged exposure to extremely cold weather can cause a severe reaction to a person which is frostbite. When someone suffers from frostbite, that person turns pale in the fingers, nose, toes, and ear lobes. Numbness is also another symptom.
Hypothermia happens when there is a drastic drop on a person’s body temperature. A person suffering from this condition shows symptoms of intense shivering, slowness of speech, memory gaps, stumbling due to lack of muscle control, and exhaustion.

Ice Dams, Roof Collapse and Attic Condensation

During winter, many homeowners worry about the damage that heavy build-up of ice and snow can bring to their properties. The two common forms of water damage that can happen are ice dams and attic condensation. Ice dams are formed from melted snow that goes through the roofing and refreezes during a very low temperature. When this cycle is repeated over a prolonged period of time, the frozen snowmelt will definitely create ice dams in the roof covering.
At times, the heavy build-up of snow or ice on your house roofing may cause your roof to collapse. If your place experiences heavy amounts of snowfall, be in the lookout for possible snow damage on your roofing. Do not wait until disaster happens not just on your roof but on a huge portion of your home as well.

The attic is also another risk-prone area of your house during the winter season aside from the roof. Water vapor that condenses from the cold areas in the attic is a major factor for the wood material to rot or putrefy, thus causing damage. The circulation of warm air moisture into the attic causes condensed water vapor. This usually happens to homes with high humidity in the living spaces.

Frozen or Burst Pipelines

If you have not prepared enough for the coming of the winter season, you will possibly experience problems with your pipelines. A drop in temperature causes the water running along your pipes to freeze and eventually burst which causes water damage to your home. Most homeowners have probably faced the consequences of this winter disaster. Yet, it can be prevented as long as you make the right preparations prior to the start of the cold weather.

Updated: December 5, 2011 — 7:17 pm
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